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Condoms & Climate Resilience: Environmental Changes in Production & Distribution

Condoms and Climate Resilience

sAs climate change continues to impact various industries globally, the production and distribution of condoms are not immune to these effects. The intersection of climate resilience and condom manufacturing involves addressing environmental changes to ensure the sustainability and accessibility of these essential health products. This article explores the environmental challenges faced by the condom industry, […]

Condoms & Cannabis: Sexual Health & Marijuana Use

Condoms and Cannabis

The evolving landscape of cannabis legalization and its increasing acceptance in society have brought attention to various intersections of marijuana use with different aspects of life, including sexual health. While the discussions around sexual health often focus on topics such as condom use, STI prevention, and contraception, the influence of cannabis on sexual behavior and […]

Condoms & Medical Male Circumcision: Enhancing HIV Prevention

Condoms and Medical Male Circumcision

The global fight against HIV/AIDS has seen significant advancements over the past few decades. Among the most effective strategies for reducing the transmission of HIV are the use of condoms and medical male circumcision (MMC). Both methods have been extensively researched and are supported by robust scientific evidence for their roles in preventing the spread […]